At the centre of the Art roads, at the crossraods of four departments, the visitor will find himself at the heart of a beautiful region.


The Domain is situated at 900m from the centre of Pont Saint Esprit, it is a nice walk along the bank of the Rhone river.

It is also situated at 9 km from the A7 mororway that connects Paris to Marseille and the TGV stations of Avignon and Montélimar are a 30 minute drive.



The name of the village, Pont Saint Esprit, refers to a bridge, that was built between 1265 and 1309 by the Holy Spirit brotherhood.

​Today, the bridge has been classed a Unesco heritage site.

But it is not just a bridge, as Pont Saint Esprit has been known as far back as the Middle Ages as an important stopover site, which has left its marks on the village.

The weekly market is renowned in the entire region. The 10000 spiripontains (inhabitants of Pont Saint Esprit) are very proud of their village, which they consider to be very peaceful and more beautiful by the day.

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Domaine de La Baume

1377 Chemin des Iles
30130 Pont-Saint-Esprit